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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Learn How You Can Grow Orchids At Home

Many people think that growing orchids is something that can only be done in big hothouses however, you can grow orchids at home if you pick the right type and provide it with the right environment.

Orchids that work best for home growing are those that grow high in the trees hanging from the branches and get the nutrition from the rain, jungle air and decaying vegetation that their roots come in contact with. In order to grow these orchids at home, you’ll need to provide them with a growing area that comes close to their native environment.


Orchids thrive in humid climates and if you want to grow them at home you’ll need to provide them with an area where they can have at least 50% humidity. in order to do this, you can set your orchid pots on a tray that is filled with water but not In the tray just above it so that the humidity from the water can come up with a water does not soak into the pot. may sting is also important to make sure there is sufficient in circulation so that the leaves and pedals can dry off properly.


It’s important that your work is to not sit in water but remain moist. You should water than once a week after the soil has dried out. Make sure there is no standing water. Fertilize with a water-soluable fertilizer made specifically for orchids.


Different types of orchids need different amounts of sunlight and if you can’t provide natural sunlight you can try fluorescent grow lights. In the winter, your records will need at least four hours of light.


You can buy ready mixed orchid potting mixes and this is what you should use for your orchids.


Orchids can be prone to diseases and pests. They can succumb to fungal disease viral disease and bacterial disease and often have mites, aphids, caterpillars, slugs, mealy bugs, snails, white flies, and dendrobium beatles. growing them indoors can reduce the bugs immensely but you still have to be on the lookout for pests and disease.

To treat pests on your orchids, you should use pesticides from a local garden supply store. Be sure to always use them per instructions. If you can, try to go with organic pesticides that are easy on the environment.

Lee Dobbins writes for working you can learn more about the care and growing of orchids.

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